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Tips To Freshen & Cozy Up Your Bedroom

Here's what comes to my mind when I think of cozying up in our bedroom soft pillows, warm tea, a scented candle and a great book!

Here are some ideas that can help you turn your bedroom into a cozy space!

Pick A Colour Tone

It will help if you have a rough idea of the colour tones that make you think of comfy! There is no right or wrong with this, it is totally up to you. Bright or light it's your bedroom and you do you! The reason it helps pick a colour tone is so that you pick things that mix well together, especially your linen.

Here are 12 Gorgeous Bedroom Colour Schemes that could help you pick.


Think about the weather when you pick your linen, it may look good but if it doesn't suit the climate it could make you feel way less cozy.

Pick an all weather comforter that keeps you warm in the winters/monsoon and cool during our Indian summers.

For bedding I personally love IKEA because of their colour options, light cotton material, reasonable price and most of it is made in India now! So lots of plus points!

Pro Tip: I use a lot of their bedsheets as bedcovers too.

Linking everything I used down below:

Pillow Covers Pink

Pillow Covers White

Fitted Sheet White

Bedcover Beige

Cushion Covers

Amazon Basics also has some great bedding, you should check them out! So many colour options too.

Throw Blankets & Pillows

You can never ever have too many pillows, even if you're husband says so! LOL!

Here are a few affordable throw blankets and pillows to make that perfect cozy space.

The Nascent




Bring In Freshness

Adding candles, flowers and some plants add an element of freshness both in terms of smell and look.

Plants like palms and money plants are easy to maintain and add that full looking green jungle vibe if you're interested in that! Check out how to turn any space into an urban jungle by Kesslen Ramirez

I love me a good scented candle. Bath and Body Works is amazing and even though they are slightly pricy, they last a long time. Wait for the sales people!! Eliora is another great company I came across lately, they are so affordable too.


It makes waking up so much more comfy as your feet touch a warm rug!


Yellow lighting is key for that cozy factor, I don't care if you think otherwise!!!

Choose lamps as an alternate option for lighting. Here is what I have and absolutely love!

Fairy lights may seem childish but if done correctly add a magical.

That's all folks! Hope this helps you create the ultimate zen space. Remember to always make your bed so you start your day fresh and clutter free.

Click on all the images for the links to shop but incase you have trouble, here are a list of all the stores again! - rugs/throws/candles -candles -rugs/cushions/throws -rugs/cushion covers/lamps -linen/lamps/cushions/throws

Amazon Basics Linen

Amazon Throw Blankets

Eliora Candles

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