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Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

In the last post you read all about the hippest and trendiest Kids Birthday Ideas in Quarantine with decor and activities for a great birthday party! So now you’re thinking about the food. I had a lot of fun putting this post together so here are some of the most fun themed birthday party food ideas.

Spa Party Themed Food

Sticking with the theme of the party you’ve got to make it zen but fancy at the same time. Having small bits and nibbles really helps tie that feeling in!

A Cheese Board

This may look a little intimidating at first but use whatever your family favourites just make it pretty! Stick to the basics- cream cheese, cheese slices, makhana, popcorn, monaco biscuits. Use veggies that your kids would love, cucumber and carrots. Dips like hummus are a great addition too.

Cheese platter/cheese board

Spa water

Use whatever is in season to create some fun fruit infused water, mint and lime, strawberries or even grapes and pineapple.

lemon and mint flavoured water

Birthday dessert board

I love the baker mama’s boards, and this one is a special birthday one, you will be a winner with the kids if you try this, trust me. Brownies, doughnuts, cookies, cake and macaroons the options are endless! the addition of sprinkles everywhere makes this board so festive.

birthday dessert board by The Baker Mama

Birthday Dessert Board- The Baker Mama

Pajama Party Themed Food

Usually during a pajama party themed party you would ideally be prepping for a morning after breakfast feast which would include the works but you could still have late night snacks too like popcorn and hot chocolate.

DIY Popcorn Bar

It’s simple to whip up some popcorn but you can make it interactive by having the family pick their own toppings. You could use paper cups for individual serving portions . Toppings are endless, chocolate chips, sprinkles, gems and nuts.

popcorn bar, popcorn toppings

Popcorn Bar- Clumsy Crafter

Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a good cup of hot cocoa, yes we don’t get the fancy instant hot chocolate packets but Cadbury Hot Chocolate sure does the trick. I add a drop of vanilla extract, some whipped cream, marshmallows and some chocolate sprinkles, add a fun straw and that does the trick.

hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles

Camping Party Themed Food

Remember the theme of this one! Nothing has to be fancy, rustic is what you’re going for in for the entire spread.

Hot dog board

The Baker Mama is your go to gal for board ideas! You have all the food on one big platter and clean up could never be easier. If you’re a vegetarian you could make a vegetarian burger board instead.

hot dog board

Hot Dog Board- The Baker Mama

Indoor S’mores

Yes! Why not make s’mores indoors. (it rhymes too). You could roast those marshmallows over a candle or you could even stick them in your oven for a bit and smack them between crackers and a piece of chocolate.

Let’s talk about crackers. It’s tough to find graham crackers (traditional cracker used to make s’mores) without breaking your bank by buying the imported version. So here’s what I would do, graham crackers are basically a cookie, so go ahead and use any cookie that your family loves. I suggest sugar crackers, digestive biscuits or even any type of chocolate chip cookies.

s'mores, marsh-mellows with chocolate and graham crackers

Art Themed Party Food

Colour is key fo this themed party, use your imagination and think rainbow or unicorn whatever works better for you!

Rainbow Popcorn

Sticking with the theme there’s an easy way to make your food colourful too! I have two recipes for you to try, one by Must Have Mom and one by TASTY , the ingredients from the TASTY recipe are definitely easier to get.

rainbow coloured popcorn

Rainbow Popcorn- Must Have Mom

Mac and Cheese

I love mac and cheese but this rainbow mac and cheese takes it to a whole new level!

rainbow mac and cheese

Rainbow Mac and Cheese- BRIT+CO

Rainbow Pizza

Best way to get those veggies in, don’t you think? This picture is pretty self explanatory.

rainbow vegetable pizza

Rainbow Pizza- Gimme Delicious

I hope you’re hungry and you’re imagination is too!

If any of these ideas helped you like they did for me please comment down below.

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