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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Set Up

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

If you’re hosting for your babe or your ladies, I have the perfect Valentine’s Day set up for you. Get ready to bring on the glam with my decor, food and drink ideas!


Valentine's Day decor

First pick the perfect spot for your little get together. I picked a place where all the activity and decor would fit together, which ended up being the TV unit. You don’t want your bae or the ladies running all around the house looking for stuff. Plus it was an easy spot for movie night incase we wanted to watch something fun!

Stick to a similar colour scheme, I chose shades of pink and maroon instead if the traditional red.

Next you will want to add the romance factor and what better way to do it then with flowers and candles. Make sure you stick with the theme colours here as well.

Valentine's Day decor

Now you’ve almost got the perfect vibe! Just one last element that is super easy and quick, a DIY banner.

-I just used some A4 sheets of paper, pencil, glue, scissors, ribbon, punch and a pair of scissors.

Valentine's Day decor

-Cut your white sheet of A4 paper into half using the scissors and cut the bottom to look like a triangle

-Using the other sheets of A4 coloured paper, cut out you XOXO and stick them onto each white paper piece.

-Punch out holes on either ends of each white sheet and string them together with the ribbon to form the banner. Add on some battery operated string lights and Voila!

Valentine's Day banner

Another quick and easy DIY is to get an empty frame, place some flowers inside, back it up with a coloured paper and you’re done! You have your very own art.

Valentine's Day decor

Food & Drink

Valentine's Day decor

I absolutely love this drink idea! All you need is

-Some fancy glasses

-Candy floss

-Champagne or sprite for the non alcoholic drinkers

Here’s what you do

-Add a bunch of candy floss to the bottom of your glass

-Pour your bubbly over top and what it turn into the perfect hint of pink

-Pop some candy floss on the rim of the glass and serve

This one is a real hit and the vibe is just everything!

Valentine's Day food and drink

For food, you can never go wrong with charcuterie. I used these cute heart shaped bowls to fill in nibbles like nuts, fruit, olives, meat and cheese. I also assembled mini appetisers with the same ingredients for the guests that just want everything in one bite.

Valentines Day is all about that sweet sweet chocolate. It’s a great idea to fill up these heart shape bowls with different types of candy and chocolate for nibbling!

Valentine's Day decor

I had pretty pink plates and napkins to tie in with the theme and some disposable cutlery, because let’s be real, no one needs to wash more dishes! But we still want everything to be cute at the same time!

And just like that you have the perfect Valentine’s Day set up

If you’d like to cook up a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, here are some ideas for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day you guys! Sending all my love and I hope you spend sometime loving your self too this week!

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