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Sweet and Salty S'mores

I'm craving these while I write this recipe right now! You most definitely can't not love these. Gooey marshmallow, melted chocolate in between salty crackers, just perfect for any craving.

Here is everything I used!

Trust me cream cracker instead of graham crackers is the way to go because it adds that salty component!

These marshmallows melt really well! You can try the imported ones too if you have access to them. These are just so easily available and way cheaper and also does the same job!

You can use any kind of chocolate bar that melts easily. Hershey's is the original chocolate used to make s'mores.

I have tried this recipe with chocolate chips that I had at home but they just didn't melt as well.

Here is how you make them!

I would love for you to try this and if you have any questions, comment here or DM me on my Instagram @buildingahoneycomb

See you soon!

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