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Rooftop Sunset Picnic

The lockdown has been hard on all of us and I've been finding ways to create experiences for us even if they are small ones. We have a lovely terrace/rooftop in our building that gives us HD sunsets! So why not have a rooftop sunset picnic?

I used everything we had at home to make it aesthetic and super comfy too. Let's start with what I packed for the picnic.

I wish we had a picnic basket but we don't, someday for sure though! We used the next best thing a storage basket to hold all our things. You could honestly just use a cloth bag to hold everything.

Definitely start with food and drink, let's be honest that's the most important part of any picnic! I had this basket tray so I just threw everything in there!

We were just feeling peckish so we here's what we had:

  • Popcorn

  • Crackers and cream cheese

  • Scones and jam

  • Nuts and fruit

We took our fruit and cream cheese in glass containers straight out from the refrigerator which is how I store it anyway so no pep required for that!

And for drinks we had chilled pink lemonade. We decided to take glasses and a glass bottle only because we were going one floor up to the terrace/rooftop. It made the entire experience a little fancier!

Next you need some comfy cushions, throw blankets and a sheet to lay down!

For that extra aesthetic touch I took some of my flowers that were already in vases in the house.

We did pack some cutlery, napkins and coasters too.

What a great evening this was, enjoying the sunset, reading cookbooks and chatting! I love this evening and I most definitely want to create more of these experiences for friends and family and cut off from the mundane work week.

If you create experiences like these please tag me on Instagram @buildingahoneycomb

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