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Quick and Easy Picnic Grazing Board

Most of us have been cooped up at home these days trying to stay safe and healthy. It’s been hard trying to keep sane during these times so even the tiniest activity/plan/outing makes a huge difference to your week, it energises and refreshes you. So, a few of us decided to try and go on a last-minute social distancing picnic where I offered to make a quick and easy grazing board with only ingredients I had on hand. I put this together in just 20 minutes!

quick and easy picnic grazing board/platter

What is a grazing board?

A grazing board or platter is much like a cheese platter the only difference is a grazing board has small nibbles or bite size snacks and not just cheese. You could create grazing boards for every occasion and even make them easy to carry around if you’re going on a picnic

Also, a huge plus point is easy-peasy clean up, because everything is contained on one serving dish!

Boards and Platters

Options are endless with his one, just make sure its nig enough to hold multiple nibbles and bites:

  1. Serving trays

  2. Baking trays or dishes

  3. Chopping boards

To make them look more aesthetic you could use baking paper/butter paper to lay on the tray.

Since I wanted to make it portable, I used a baking tray from m oven and covered it in baking/butter paper.

Bowls, containers and cutlery

For your cheese spreads, dips, olives and smaller nibbles you may want to add in small bowls and containers to prevent any messy situations.

Cheese knives, spreaders and toothpicks are a great way for your family and guests to pick up things.

I used plastic containers with lids for dips and things because I would be travelling with the board.

Where to begin?

You’ve got to think of the occasion you’re creating the board for! Is it a party, a picnic, a kiddie party or date night?

I pretty much keep the main food groups in mind while creating a grazing board for any occasion.

Easy grazing board guide, what to use on a grazing board or platter

I was creating mine for a picnic, and what do people love at picnics? Sandwiches!!

That was where I began. Here is what I added to my picnic grazing board.

Quick and Easy picnic grazing board arrangement with whatever you've got in your pantry

I get a lot of my inspiration from The Baker Mama so check her out she has a board for every occasion!

Comment down below to show some love and if you’re inspired to recreate a grazing board for your loved ones, take a picture and share it with me on Instagram @nushcurry.

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