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Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas

Let's be real, some of us only wake up at the very last minute but none the less we want to do all it takes to make those holidays or birthday's special.

I'm sharing a few Halloween decor ideas that you can whip up in less than half an hour. I do love me some DIY so brace yourselves.

Hey Boo Frame

3 things is all you need for this one! Old paper bags, frames and a marker. Cut your paper bags to make the insert of the frame you will be using, draw out any saying or get creative and sketch out some pumpkins and ghosts. Insert it into the frame and you have your first piece of decor! Let the kids get in on this too, you could use printable and have them go crazy with the colour.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

All things you've probably already got at home! A toilet roll, yellow napkin (cloth or paper) a twig or a cinnamon stick and a marker.

Here is a quick video tutorial to help you make this, once you're done making the pumpkin, use the black marker to draw out spooky eyes and a mouth.

Ghost Bunting

Use literally any paper you have at home and cut out tiny little ghost shapes, attach them to any string you've got. I used some fun scrapbook paper I had and made a little girl and boy ghost. You could hang it on your door or any family common space so bring in the festivities.

Paper Bats

Here are a couple of ideas of what you can do with simple cut paper bats!

Pumpkin Carvin/Painting

Finally if all else fails but you're still in the mood to celebrate, head out to your vegetable grocer and get yourself some mini pumpkins and get creative, carve them, paint them, sticker them!

Make it a whole event, if you're doing it with your ladies make it a wine and pumpkin night, for the kids do hot cocoa and popcorn night.

A few fun things!

I've linked a few things we did last year for Halloween for you to enjoy!

Halloween Snack Spread

Halloween Table Decor

Hope you have a spooktastic weekend!

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