Halloween Snack Board

I’m obsessed with bit size food and sometimes feel like a kid! So I created a fun Halloween snack board that will entice not just the kids but the adults too.

Halloween will be different this year but there’s so much you can do at home too! In fact you could celebrate with this Halloween snack board, it could be a great dinner idea for the kids or even a snack platter with some cocktails for the adults. Try it and let me know what you think.

Halloween themed snack board

First off let’s talk about the eyes I’ve added. I didn’t make this platter for any kids so I just used some plastic ones you get at the craft store. I would definitely suggest adding some edible candy ones which are available easily on Amazon. You could even use olives, almonds or cut up some marshmallows too.

wow confetti eye candy for halloween snacks

Wow Confetti Eye Candy

So to build the platter start with some veggies, carrots and cucumber are what I used to create these cute little ghosts.

carrot and cucumber ghosts for halloween

Peel one cucumber and carrot and slice it down just like the image below:

how to make carrot ghosts

I used two tools to shape the veggie ghosts to give them that rounded look on top and to poke out the eyes.

For the rounded tops I didn’t have a circle cookie cutter so I used the next best thing, my measuring cup and rounded off the tops using it like a cookie cutter (you could even do this step with a knife if you’re skilled enough).

For the eyes and mouth I just poked them out with a steel straw.

measuring cup and steel straw for making halloween vegetable ghosts

Next make some mini open faced peanut butter sandwiches.

peanut butter and chocolate chip open faced sandwich shaped like mini coffins

Using a knife cut some sandwich/sliced bread into mini coffins (I looked at a picture for reference). Spread on some peanut butter and make the cross with some chocolate chips.

Variations: You could use any ‘nut’ butter for these with some jelly/jam for the cross or even just plain old butter and a slice of cheese.

Halloween Quesadillas 3 ways are next!!

halloween quesadillas

Jack-o’-Lantern Quesadilla

Using my nifty measuring cup as a cutter, I cut out two circles of quesadilla and one slice of cheese.

On one of the quesadilla circles, cut out triangular shapes for the eyes and mouth with a knife. Let loose your creativity with any number of stencil art that you can manage.

Add a the circular piece of cheese in between and grill them on a hot pan for 2 minutes on both sides.

halloween mummy quesadillas

Mummy Quesadilla Pizza

Cut out a circle of the quesadilla and spread some pizza sauce in it, cut up some thin strips of cheese and place them to look like a mummy face.

Put the pizza on the pan and cover with a lid so that the bottom gets toasty and the top melty!

Add the eyes!

Open Face Mummy Quesadilla

Cut out a circle of the quesadilla and some strips of cheese, place them to resemble a mummy.

Grill it on a hot pan with the lid on for 5 minutes until the cheese is melted.

Pop on two eyes and you’re done!

For the last one on this Halloween snack board we have One Eyed Mummy Sausages

one eyed mummy sausages or sausage aliens

For this, semi fry some sausages (I used jalapeno and cheese) and cut up some thin strips of quesadillas.

Once the sausages are semi fried, take them off the heat. Wrap each one with the strips of quesadilla and place it back on the pan and grill on all sides to get a slight browning. Recommend that you do this on low heat.

Add some eyes onto them and now they look like little wounded mummies, but also like little aliens with one eye or a monster. I will leave it to your imagination!

halloween snack board

Put your board together with your favourite dip, I added some cream cheese. You could add hummus or sriracha too!

Happy Halloween Honeybees! Check out my Halloween DIY Candle Table Decor to go with this snack board for a festive night on the 31st of October!

See you during Diwali for some fun stuff!

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