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DIY Diwali Paper Decor

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Diwali 2020 is upon us! If you haven’t hung up any Diwali decor as yet and if you’re looking for something quick and easy, here are some DIY Diwali paper decor ideas for you.

I wanted to do something different but aesthetic to the eye as well. A Diwali dream catcher with printable elements which I have attached here for you so all you need to do is print them out and cut them!

diwali paper dream catcher

Another DIY Diwali paper craft I created is similar to a toran but basically a marigold flower garland.

diwali marigold paper garland

Here is what you need for the Diwali dream catcher:

-Box Board/cardboard

-Orange crepe paper

-Happy Diwali DanglerDownload

-Marigold flower printableDownload





Here’s how to make it:

-Cut an approximate 10 inch doughnut shape out of a box board/cardboard. To make this step extra easy, I used a large dinner plate and a smaller side plate to measure. See image below for reference of the shape.

-Next, using your orange crepe paper you want to create pom pom style flowers, refer to the link here.

-Stick the pom pom style paper flowers all around the doughnut shaped cardboard on both sides. Your ring for the dream catcher is now ready!

diwali marigold dream catcher

-Cut out eight marigold flowers to shape making sure to have two of the same kind from the printable sheet as well as 4 happy Diwali danglers.

-Then using the glue stick the backs of two of the same kind of flower together making sure both sides have the flower print on them. Do this for all flowers and happy Diwali danglers.

-Now it’s time to assemble your dream catcher. In the centre of the flower ring attach some thread, make a hole on the paper marigold flowers and tie it to the tread, do 4 flowers one bellow the other.

happy diwali, dream catcher

-Hang the happy Diwali danglers on either ends of the flower ring using thread and a needle to poke the holes.

diwali dream catcher

For the flower garland you will need:

-Marigold flower printable





What you need to do:

-Cut out all the flowers you need

-Glue two of the backs of the same flower together to make sure you have the print on both sides.

-String all flowers using a needle and thread to create your garland and it’s ready!

Here are also some printable Diwali gift tags for you!

Diwali Gift TagsDownload

Make sure to check out my Diwali Miniature Snack Platter.

Happy Diwali Honey Bees!

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