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4 Trendy Quarantine Kids Birthday Party Ideas

I’m sorry your kid’s birthday has a party pooper called COVID! But I assure you this party pooper isn’t going to ruin their special day. I have a few ideas, tips and tricks that could help you or your loved one celebrate their little or teenage kiddos birthday and it won’t break your bank either. Here are a few kids’ birthday ideas while in quarantine!

I’ve listed the hippest themes and activities for the kiddos.

PS- Adults can indulge in them too!

Yes, I have some free printable invitations for you here as well!

printable kids birthday party invitations

Who says you can’t have invitations even if you aren’t inviting a bunch of guests or you don’t have a venue? You can be creative and add the room of your home you’ll be conducting the party in as your venue description! Hand out the invitations to your kids, spouse, roommates, parents basically whoever lives with you and your family. To add some more excitement, hand them over a day or two before the party!

I have curated a set of printable invitations that you can customize and add your own details, just download the image, print and add your details, you’re ready to go!

Spa Birthday Party

If you have a little girl, a teenage girl or even its your own birthday this one is a hit with all ages.


I’m sure you’ve been to a spa. Those fresh flowers, candles and the softest robes. This décor is super easy and affordable. Decorate with some fresh flowers and candles you have lying around the house.

mrs. merry has a lovely floral themed birthday banner you could use and it’s a free printable too! The floral look of this banner goes so well with the whole spa theme.

printable birthday banner

Floral Banner -mrs.merry

Finish up the décor by arranging all the activities you have planned (I’ve mentioned a few below) on your dining table or around your space you’ve picked out.

Lay out the food and drink on a table for even more décor elements and that completes your spa look!


Pedicures and manicures- set out a bunch of nail polish and have the girls pick their favourite colour. For the tub soak you could have tiny buckets and throw in some flowers.

diy pedicure

Spa Party Pedicures- Jenny Cookies

Photo booth- Photo booths are a great party activity, DIY some props like these right here and the girls will definitely spend a good amount of time on this activity.

spa photo booth props

Photo Booth Props

Face make up colouring sheet-Hand out all sorts of colours for the kids to ‘make up’ the girl in the picture. They could add different coloured hair, skin tone, lip and eye colours. Download and print.

Make up printable


Spa bingo- Give each player one bingo card, pick a calling card and call out what is on the card. Players look for that picture on their card and mark it with a marker. Continue playing until someone gets five in a row.

spa bingo

Spa Bingo- Practical Whimsy Co

Pajama Party


Bring out all your mattresses, pillows sheets and duvets. Yes, it’s going to be tough to clean up the next day but trust me your kids will love you forever because of the experiences you’ve create for them. A whole family sleepover in the living room!


Pajama Party- Modern Glam


Diy Pillow Cases Be A Fun Mum shows you a fun and non messy activity that’s perfect for a Pajama Party!

diy pillow case colouring

DIY Pillow Cases-Be A Fun Mum

DIY Eye Masks- No! These sleeping eye masks aren’t just for your girls, you could use the same template but switch up the colours for the boys and have them make a cat/superhero mask instead of a unicorn. Let their imaginations run wild!

sleeping eye masks

DIY Sleeping Eye Mask- Birds Party

Camping Party


Why not pitch a tent in the living room? If you don’t have your own tent build a bed sheet fort in the middle of you home. Complete the look with some fairly lights to mimic stars and a whole load of pillows and cozy blankets!

camping, tent

Bed sheet Fort- Pretty Providence

Set up a pretend campfire just like this one by One Time Through

pretend paper campfire

Pretend Campfire- One Time Through

Use a fun banner like this one to pull in the birthday spirit! Yes it’s printable too! Head over to Crafts Unleashed to get it now!

printable birthday banner

Birthday Banner- Crafts Unleashed


Scary Stories- It’s a tough decision to make and also depends on the age group of your kids. I found a great book, Campfire Stories by Drake Quinn. They’re funny but still a little spooky and the plus side to this is cuddle time with the fam, yay!

campfire stories for kids

Campfire Stories- Drake Quinn

Paper Bag Lanterns- For this one you could even make your own paper bag with newspaper you have left lying around the house (we are all hoarders at the end of the day). Battery operated candles are a safer bet if you have children around. Use pencils to poke a pattern on the front and back for a different look.

diy paper bag lantern

Paper Bag Lanterns- Krafty Krook

Art Party


Get creative with colourful paper garlands like these and put them up all around your home! Create backdrops in different areas of your living room space. Use whatever coloured paper you have at home. Click on the links below to know more!

Rainbow Paper Chain Garland- Oh Happy Day Paper Garland- Ever Mine


Your goal here is to reduce clean up! So, this activity is contained to a single space but has endless options! This will keep the whole family occupied for a while.

  1. Cover the entire table with paper roll or you could even use multiple chart papers stuck together to cover your entire dining table.

art table

Art Table-Dimples and Tangles

  1. Add a whole bunch of art and craft materials in the center of the table like crayons, pencils, markers, paint, stickers, glue, craft supplies, cut outs etc.

  2. Contain all tiny items in jars and baskets to help with the clean-up eventually.

art supplies in jars

Why wait for a birthday? I say celebrate today!

Stay tuned for some adult birthday ideas.

See you soon!

free printable kids invitations
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